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сочинение на тему go to the local museum and write what you can see there

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The town I live in is not very large and there are no big galleries and museums in it. But we have a good Natural History Museum in our town. Last week I was on an excursion there. First we listened to a lecture on the history of our region which was very interesting. Then a guide showed us the exposition of the museum. We walked through its halls looking at different stands with exhibits. There were ancient vases and coins, dishes and bowls, tools and arms. The guide told us about the origin and the age of the exhibits and answered our questions. The girls asked questions about national costumes and dishes and the boys were interested in arms. The next hall was even more interesting. There we saw stuffed animals and birds. It was a small zoo of the region nature. There was also an aquarium full of different fish, tortoises and shells. The collection of minerals was interesting, too. I have learned very much from my visit to the museum.