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сочинение на тему достопримечатилности лондона

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London - first of all a city rich in history, which greets you at every step. During the first visit to London to look at the sights, beautiful views and wonderful spectacle. Change of Guard at Buckingham Palace will make an unforgettable experience changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace (daily at 11:30 am) and Parade Horse Guards (11 hours, on Sundays - 10:00). Must go to Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square to see the ensemble (Trafalgar Square), relax in Hyde Park (Hyde Park). The easiest way to watch all the great sights of London is a bus tour.

Westminster Abbey (Westminster Abbey) Westminster Abbey - it begins and ends with the fate of the King: its walls crowned British monarch, and here they find eternal rest.
In addition, Westminster Abbey, famous for his "corner of poets." In honor included in the history of British artists - Shakespeare, Chaucer, Milton, Wordsworth, Dickens, and many other memorial boards. But these graves are not all poets are mentioned here.
In Westminster, the castle on the banks of the Thames in the 13th century meets the British Parliament - the medieval walls, impregnable and stately, as if symbolizing the firmness of one of the oldest democratic institutions in Europe. You can not go past the famous Big Ben (Big Ben), watch where the lead track of time since 1859. In fact, Big Ben - it's not the name of the tower and the clock and bell time.
It is also firmly stands on the banks of the Tower - an ancient fortress and prison, gloomy walls which have seen a lot of blood, including the Royal. Pay attention to security guards the Tower - Beefeaters - in luxurious coats.
Tower Bridge (Tower bridge) over the dark waters of the Thames stretched the famous Tower Bridge, recognizable, probably around the world. He became as a symbol of London, the Eiffel Tower - Paris, the Statue of Liberty - New York City. It seems even trite, it is so closely linked with the capital of England. Nevertheless, again and again he amazes the audience grandeur and austerity of forms.
At night, the medieval gloom disappeared, and the Tower Bridge, thanks to modern illumination, it appears to us as a kind of fantastic, fabulous facility.

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If I had a chance to go to London I'd like to see not only the places of interest but many other interesting things there. Certainly everyone knows that the most famous sights of the capital of the Great Britain are Tower Bridge over the river Themes, Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Saint Paul's Cathedral, The British museum, Art Gallery. It seems I know all these sights well because we have been getting acquainted with them since the 5-Th form up to now. I think it will be enough one-day excursion to see all these sights with my own eyes. I'd better visit the one of the numerous English pubs- the local beer halls where Englishmen like to spend their free time reading, talking, discussing traditional matters - political, sports and weather over the glass of beer. Or I'll try to feel myself as a real Englishman visiting a house of a common English family. I'd like to sit round the fire place which is traditional for every English house. If I were lucky I would visit one of the competition or a tournament where traditional English sport games are played - rugby or lawn tennis, horse racing or cricket. I'd like to walk among the students of Cambridge or Oxford university in their campus and to imagine that I am one of them. I believe my impression on London won't be full if I don't visit Madam Tussad's museum in Baker street. I'm looking forward to seeing their life - size wax portraits of kings and queens, well - known writers, singers and even criminals One of my evenings in London I'd like to spend in a disco club to watch the way English teenagers and young people spare their time, to listen to their popular groups, to make friends and what not.

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