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пожалуйста помогите написать сочинение о стереотипах .около 250 слов

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The area extends from the construction of stereotypes delusional fantasies to the conscious use by scientists rounded calculation results. All human culture - is mainly (as interpreted by Lippman, of course) the selection, reorganization, tracking different models of the environment. In other words, stereotyping is saving his own efforts as an attempt to see all things anew and in detail, rather than as types and generalization, tiring, and for the busy man is almost doomed to failure. In addition, it should be noted instances of non-typing: a close circle there is no way to replace individualized understanding of something or something to save it. Those whom we love and admire someone, most of them - men and women who know more of ourselves, and not the classification, under which we can draw.
Layout of the world
In addition to saving effort, the stereotypes seem to do, and another function: the system of stereotypes can serve as the core of our personal tradition, a way to protect our position in society. They are ordered, more or less consistent picture of the world. It is conveniently placed our habits, tastes, abilities, pleasure and hope. The stereotypical picture of the world may be incomplete, but it is a picture of a possible world to which we have adapted. In this world of people and objects occupy space assigned to them and act as expected. We feel in this world, at home, we are a part of it.
It is not surprising that any change in stereotyping perceived as an attack on the foundations of the universe. This attack on the base of our world, and when it comes to serious things, we are actually not so easy to assume that there is a difference between our personal world and the world in general.
The system of stereotypes - not just a way to replace the magnificent diversity and messy reality of an orderly presentation of it, only a shortened and simplified way of perception. Stereotypes are the guarantee of our self-esteem, is projected to the outside world the awareness of our values, protect our position in society and our rights, and consequently, the stereotypes are filled with feelings, preferences, affection or hostility, are associated with fears, desires, instincts, pride, hope. The facility, which activates a stereotype assessed in connection with the relevant emotions.