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Помогите пожалуйста написать диалог на тему " экскурсовод и туристы"

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Э - экскурсовод. Т1 - первый турист. Т2 - второй турист

Э: Dear Ladies and Gentelmen. Welcome to Moscow. Moscow is a capital of Russian Federation. This is the best city in the world because it`s my home and i was born here. I`m sure that your hometowns are also the best
T1 Exactly, We came here on the tour of the city, and we wanna hear the history, attractions, T2 we`d like to visit Bolshoi Theater
Э. Okey, by the way, do you know when why Bolshoi Theater was formed?
T2. No, when? T1 Why?
Э The history of the theater taken to a March 1776 when the provincial prosecutor, Prince Peter V. Urusov received the highest pleasure of Empress Catherine II.Grand opening was held on December 30, 1780. The theater had a pit, three tiersof boxes and the gallery contains about a thousand spectators
T1,T2 That`s amazing. Is Catherine II was German?
Э. Yeah. That`s right. She was from Germany but she has russian heart. Her husband was so fool hating russia and all russian nobility. He was killed by avengers and Catherine has taken the throne
T1T2 That was very interesting and we are hungry
Э. Ok. There is some of MacDonald`s cafe near New Arbat. Driver! Stop the bus, we are going to eat, wait us just an hour