ДАЮ 60 БАЛЛОВ, составьте топик Earth is in Danger

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ДАЮ 60 БАЛЛОВ, составьте топик Earth is in Danger

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In this project you are to speak about our fragile planet.

The Earth is in Danger

1. Introduction.

I would like to tell you why our planet is in danger. The most serious environmental problems are

· pollution in its many forms (water pollution, air pollution and nuclear pollution);

· noise problems;

· destruction of nature

· shortage of natural resources;

· the growth of population

I will tell you about some problems and how people can solve them.

2. Dirty water

One of the most serious problems is water pollution.

вода грязная

почему она грязная

свой пример сложной ситуации

3. Dirty air

The other serious problem which I want to tell you about is air pollution. (насколько слов про фабрики и заводы)

(4. Some other difficult situations – по желанию)

5. How to solve the problems

6. Conclusion



The 22nd of April is Earth Day. People all over the world think how to protect our planet. People are ready to help nature. They think how to keep the air fresh and water clean to save animals and plants.

Water is very important for life on the Earth. There is a lot of water on our planet. But very little water is good for drinking. In many rivers and lakes the water is very dirty. The seaside is not clean so people can`t swim in the sea. Even fish die in such dirty water. And of course it is dangerous to use it when you cook. For example, Lake Baikal is the deepest freshwater lake on the planet. It is very beautiful but now it is in great danger because of the factories near it. In some places the water in the lake is so dirty that it kills the animals and plants in the Baikal.

The way people live has changed the climate. Nowadays the temperature is rising. The climate has become milder and warmer. If the temperature grows more it will become difficult to live on our planet.

People also do a lot of harm to the forests. They cut down the trees to build farms, homes and roads. So animals lose their homes as they don`t have space to live and good things to eat. This is bad for the air too. Modern factories send a lot of smoke into the atmosphere. Nowadays it is difficult to breathe in the big cities.