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Помогите срочно перевести текст используя предлоги in, on, to, at, into​

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Write the number on the board. 3. Hang the picture on the board. 4. She poured water into a vase and planted flowers in it. Then she went to the window and put the vase on the windowsill. 5. The teacher is standing at the blackboard. He's writing a sentence on a board. Students are sitting at their desks. They will write this sentence in their notebooks. at. Nick entered the kitchen and sat at the table. Mother was standing next to the stove. She went to the table, put the cup on the table and poured tea into the cup. 7. We gathered a lot of mushrooms in the forest. 8. Masha opened the door and entered the house. There was no one in the house. Bears were in the woods. Masha saw a table in the room. She came to the table. On the table she saw three plates. 9. Katya was in the room. She stood by the bookcase. 10. On the floor lay a thick carpet. The children sat on the carpet and began to play. 11. Where are the boys? 12. It is winter. Snow covered earth. On the river They play in the yard. ice. 13. She went to the blackboard, took the chalk and began to write on it (on the blackboard). 14. Oil on the table. Put it in the refrigerator. Now sit down at the table. In this glass of juice. Drink it and put the glass in the sink. I will wash it later. 15. Where is your pen? 16. Put a scarf in your pocket. 17. He jumped into the river and quickly swam to the island - She is in (my) pocket. woo. CLOSE

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ну вот и все

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угу, ну ну, у тебя все не правильно, я сам успел сделать, и проверил тебя, все не правильно

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