How I spend my summer holidays topic

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How I spend my summer holidays topic

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I spent my holidays very well. At the beginning of June I passed all my examinations with excellent marks and my parents gave me a present. This present was a new powerful computer! But I did not only stay at home. I went for a walk with my friends, rode by bicycle. It is so interesting to visit new places in the city, by riding bicycle. My native city is Novosibirsk. I explored a lot of beautiful places, such as parks, monuments, fountains and other sightseeings. My favourite monument is a statue for Visotskiy. I think, Visotskiy is one of the greatest Russian poets and bards. 

In July I went to a tourist camp for children Timurovets. I met many new friends there. We played many exciting games, sang different songs and took part in different competitions. It was very sad to leave the camp, but I didn’t feel bored at home. 
I went to the river with my father. We swam, sunbathed and hunted for lizards there. I got a lot of energy by having a rest and I could do boring work. For example, read school literature and do other homework and hometasks. I studied radio electronics and programming. It was very interesting for me, and so I made my first robot-hedgehog. It is a very nice hedgehog. 

Maybe, my summer holidays weren’t very unusual, but I will remember them and look forward to the next ones.