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Сочинение на тему "Я Уникальный!" ! I am unique

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I love watching people get tired and wonder what we are all different, not like each other. For example, my parents, my friends. They all have their own interests, dreams and aspirations. Each person has his own character, its own way of communication, behavior, their own appearance. In different situations, each behaving differently. No wonder they say, how many people, so many of the characters. In addition, every person has a story. It is thanks to our unique place in the world historical events, new inventions that change the world. We are all unique. "Unique" means a unique, one-of-a-kind. And what is the secret of my uniqueness? I'm just a student, studying in grade 4, visit the section Kudo, he loved football, I love animals. I have blond hair and blue eyes. And I love my parents. But I really do not even normal! I have my own interests, desires, is a cherished dream. So, and I unique. My unique in the fact that I can get along with dogs and help your friends make friends with them. All dogs - my friends, even if they are evil. I think that once upon a time I was a dog. And it is very strange somehow. We have to respect other people, to appreciate their characteristics, abilities, because each of us is unique. I am pleased to write this work, because I like psychology. And I learned that such uniqueness, personality, thinking about themselves and their features. I would like to take part in such competitions