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Вот часть письма: Whats your best friend like?Whats do you do together ? I can't wit for the winter holidays! I've got lots of things planned. нужно рассказать о своём друге и задать три вопроса о его планах на выходные

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To be a real friend means to be able to share all happiness and hardships, be able to help and understand. But sometimes it is hard to find the one who is modest, faithful,reliable and sincere a same time. As for me i have a few true friends and i`d like to tell about 1 of them. His/she name is .... he is (возраст) years old аnd he is my classmate (и он мой одноклассник). I like the way he looks. The firs thing then you see him is blue/green (цве глаз) eyes. His face is round/oval. He has a fair/dark complexion. His hair is black/fair/blond. Ну примерно так можно описать внешность. И я думаю уместно предложение про то как проводит время. Например He spends a lot of time.... и занятие (тебе лучше знать своего друга). Про то что вы делаете вместе- We often go o the cinema. We like to walk. I often stay at her/his home for night and we like to see terrible films. Another interesting thing are parties. We dance, play party games, eat tasty food.