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Помогите пожалуйста описать питер пена на английском...очень надо,.....заранее спасибо))

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Peter pan is the character of several books Scottish writer J.. Barry. Peter is an orphan, which took away from the workhouse Jimmy xuk. Jimmy in London organized one of the boys gang воров.Питер pen - it's a boy, who does not want to never grow up. One day Peter pan ran away from home at the chimney and flew to Kensington gardens, where time will forever stop. There he became acquainted with fairies, which give him the gift of flight. A little later he lived on the island of Neverland with the missing boys - those who was lost in Kensington gardens. The Peter pan had its own fairy named Ding-Ding. The worst enemy of Peter pan is captain Hook. Peter pan fought with the evil in the form of pirates, the crocodile. He was a brave boy. In spite of the fact that he found a way to move from PON world to the other, still Peter remains with his friends in Neverland.