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Кто знает хорошо анг яз? Ток без переводчика ок?

Нам сказали написать письмо другу , и в этом письме опять какой мой друг ... Напишите письмо (другу) и опишите его плж . Я вообще туплю в анг яз . Заранее спасибо*****

от Супер Доцент (57.1k баллов) в разделе Английский язык

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My friend's name is John. He is my good griend, we met in school. John is about 180 sm hight, he has dark brown hair, and beautiful blue eyes. John was my friend from second grade. He si very good in english, math and history. He likes football and box. 

John likes to dress casually, but sometimes he has to wear official costumes, and that he really hates. Also he likes skateboarding. I really like John, I am glad to have him as my friend. 

Вроде того, можете заменить на другое имя. 

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Dear Jamie,

Thank you for your letter. I ws very happy when i got it. (Поблагодарила за письмо)

You know that i`m a very friendly person. I have a few true friends and i`d like to tell you about one of them. Her name is ... She is slim but ot tall. She has blond hair and green eyes. She is shy but not with me an other friends. (Имя подруги) likes dogs. She spend a lot of time with pet. She likes shopping. We like to g to shops and buy clothes. We often go o the parties. We dance, play party games, eat tasty food. I think we are friends because we like to spend time toether and we can trust each other. 


With best wishes, .... твоё имя.