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Read the text and choose the phrases from the list to complete the gaps:
enthusiastic, make your decision, good at it, take up this hobby, in a team, make friends, a difficult situation, be fit, risk taking
Roof Climbing
Roof climbing is one of the growing hobbies among people of all age groups. This hobby is for those who love experiments, (1) _____ and working (2) ______. Those interested in this hobby say that it is the best way to observe the city and enjoy its beauty.
Roof climbers do not have to plan their routes well in advance; they can go on top of any building and stay there as long as they wish. If you (3) _____ , you just need to (4) _____ and have a good sense of balance. The great thing about roof climbing is that it is easy to pick up, and beginners very soon become (5) _____. Those who take part in such expeditions are usually very (6) ______ about their hobby and (7) ______with newcomers very easily.
The disadvantage of roof climbing is that you have to be ready to take the responsibilities and get out of (8) _______, because many people do not like to have visitors on the roof of their house. So think well before you (9) _______about this kind of hobby.

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6-enthusiastic, 9-make your decision,5- good at it,3- take up this hobby,2- in a team, 7-make friends, 8-a difficult situation,4- be fit, 1-risk taking