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Complete the following text with the correct active or passive form of the verb in brackets.Pay attention to the tense of the verb. And translate. The Olympic Games. The first record of the Olympic Games dates from 776 BC but it is likely that many competitions (1)...(hold) before then. The modern Olympic Games (2)...(begin) in 1896. America (3)...(host) the modern Olympics 4 times, Australia twice and in 1980 it (4)...(be) Moscow that (5)...(host) the Summer Olyimpic Games. No Olyimpics (6)...(hold) in 1916, 1940 and 1944 because of war. The Winter Olyimpics (7)...(begin) in 1924, originally the same year as the summer competition, but now (8)...(hold) on alternate years. The Olyimpic Games (9)...(change) over time and (10)...(regulate) by the International Olyimpic Committees. Almost every sport, from archery to yachting, (11)...(include) in the Games and it(12)...(continue) to be the worlds largest sports event.

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1)Had Holded2)was began3)had hosted4)was5)hosted6)Holded7)began 8)hold 9)change 10)regulate11)including 12)it will continue