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Самый счастливый день в моей жизни

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Till now I think in the happiest afternoon for the a few years - August, 20, 2008. This day began as usually. In the morning we have gone on a visit, on wedding of my cousin. All was as usually: the new family, wedding, fun was created. But all of us knew, that should take place in the evening. And everything, is more true all ours relatives, waited this news with impatience. All of us were sure, that our hopes will be justified, simply wanted, that all world has learned(found out), that " king remains king "! It is very a pity, that was not possible to see this duel on the air, but, even looking repetition we sobed with happiness! The victory of one our local борца has brought pleasure not only me, but also all our distressful circle. It would be desirable to tell, that the happiness is only the instants occuring in our life. Sometimes we at all do not notice them. They leave completely. To the person reading my speech, it is not difficult to guess, that I on life "pessimist". I want to tell, that once was the optimist. At that time each day for me was happy. I was pleased with everything, that surrounds: both a rising sun, and singing of birds, both a rustle of leaves, and winter, both spring, and summer, and an autumn. I was pleased with a rain, a wind, snow and even slush. Me the laughter of children pleased, their crying, and many - many other things, that me surrounded. But the pleasure grants to us not that us surrounds, and our attitude(relation) to all event around. I am skilful to concern to world around подобающе. But now it is not present and can not be, because life not such to what she(it) to us seems, not such what to us is her(it) to be seen. Speak, that life is not those days that have passed, and that were remembered. If to argue so I have lived not so much how many to me today, and a maximum year. And it does not mean, that this year was remembered to me because it(he) was happy, and on the contrary … I do not know, how many still I should live, but I very much - very much hope, that in my further life it is necessary настанет day which waits all my people. Day when will restore the next area. Day when all people can come back home and to the world, will be for me the happiest. And then, I can tell, that in my life day was happier, than August, 20, 2008 when our legendary борец in third time has subdued Olympus. In spite of the fact that I the pessimist, I believe that this day necessarily настанет. To finish the speech it would be desirable verses. I hope, they will help you to understand me better. I shall understand … I do not ask, that me ennobled, And humiliated to be I do not want, I want, that me understood, And perhaps then I shall understand: Why at times without the reason teenagers of children Offend, I shall understand, why egoists are not able to appreciate mothers, I shall understand, why richmen do not want to be friends of poor men Why the person for the sake of money, Even is capable to kill the friend … I do not ask, that me ennobled, And humiliated to be I do not want, Simply to become(begin) allmighty wish to make happy Also all world want …

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