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Open the brackets and put the verb into the correct form.

Sophie (to be) from France. She (to be) in Egypt now. She (to study) the history of Egypt. Sophie (to like) to travel around the country. She (to see) the great Pyramids last week. Sophie (to like) to ride camels a lot. But she (not to like) to sleep in tents. She (to meet) a lot of interesting people. Sophie (to make) many new friends. She (to buy) a lot of souvenirs and (to take) a lot of photos.

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Софи was from France. She is in Egypt now. She wants to study a history of Egypt. Софи has gone to travel on all country. She saw the big Pyramids the last week. Софи long prepared to go on camels much. But she has not taken means from mosquitoes to sleep in tents. She wanted to meet many interesting people. Софи has found many new friends. She has had time to buy many gifts and has made many photos.